Janes Memorial U.M.C.

"An Inter-generational Church with a
Hope and a Bright Future" - Jeremiah 29:11

Church History Highlights

1872 - First named Janes Methodist Episcopal Church in memory of Bishop Edmund Storer Janes, one of the leaders of Methodism.

1874 - With members led by Reverend George H. Waters, a little frame building at the corner of Haines Street and Belfield Avenue was purchased and converted into a church. Over the next 20 years the church membership increased from 16 to 200 members.

Subsequent Pastors of the church (Through 1897):
-Rev. Perry W. Pipes, Rev. Joshua Brinkley, Rev. A.R. Shockley, Rev. Berry W. Allen, Rev. J.H. Pierce, Rev. L.Y. Cox, Rev. Hooper Jolly, Rev. King J. Still, Rev. W.T. Cotton, Rev. Arthur Hamilton, Rev. J.H. Riddicks, Rev. J.W. Lankford, Rev. Solomon Hammond, Rev. E.H. Webb, Rev. W.C. Jason & Rev. A.P. Camphor.

1898 - In June, under the pastorate of Reverend J.F. Molock, a new church foundation was built on the site of the original location at the cost of $7,375.

1912 - Under the pastorate of Reverend J.T. Fletcher, a piece of property was purchased on East Haines Street near Germantown Avenue (current location) in order to accomodate a growing church family.

1947 - Reverend Henry H. Nichols was assigned to become pastor of Janes. As pastor, it became his task to complete the payments for pews and 20 year old mortgage of the church. Under Reverend Nichols leadership, many souls were saved and the church memebership continuously grew. During his tenure many things were set into action such as the Philadelphia Prayer Hour, the Soup Kitchen Ministry, the Get Set Program as well as serving as the proxy-parents to children from the Stenton Child Care Center. Lastly, in 1972, Janes celebrated its 100th Anniversary with the theme, "We've Come This Far By Faith".

1975 - Groundbreaking was held for the $858,356 Thelma T.S. Nichols Educational Building.

1986 - Reverend Nichols retired from the ministry  after being the pastor of Janes for 39 years.

Later 1986 - Reverend Robert L. Harris began his tenure as pastor of Janes. Many recall Rev. Harris to have a farmiliar quote of "God never closes a door without opening a window".  Organized the Young Adult Choir (now the Inspirational Choir); created the Shepherd Program - so that every member could be contacted; the Children's sermon was organized under his administration.  Rev. Stephen Gibson (now deceased) became the first paid Associate Pastor.

1991 - From 1991 through 2001, Reverend Noah W. Reid, III served as the pastor and Reverend Evelyn Kent Clark was the Associate Pastor. During his tenure, Rev. Reid instituted the Festival of Hymns as well as the 8:00 am worship service.

From April through June of 2001, Reverend Herbert E. Palmer served as Interim Pastor of Janes.

2001 - Janes was assigned with the opportunity to be led by the Pastoral Team of Reverend Ralph E. Blanks (Senior Pastor) and Reverend Andrew L. Foster, III (Associate Pastor). This Holy-Spirit-Filled, dynamic and humorous duo was sent to guide Janes into the 21st century.

2005 - From 2005 through 2009, Dr. Albert D. Mosley became the Senior Pastor.  Under his leadership, many outreach programs were established including the Black College Tours and the Start Smart - Stay Smart programs.

2009 - 2017 Dr. Andrew L. Foster, III returns to Janes as the Senior Pastor. His enthusiastic approach and vision are to create an inter-generational church with a hope and a bright future by bridging the gap between the youth of the church with the seasoned.

2017 to Present - The Reverend Gregory G. Holston assumes the office of Senior Pastor.

 For a more complete history of Janes, please feel free to contact us.